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NEWS UPDATE: First Patient Enrolled in BrainQ's Pivotal Trial, EMAGINE™, for Frequency-Tuned Electromagnetic Field Therapy to Reduce Disability Following Ischemic Stroke

First patient enrolled at MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital in BrainQ's pivotal study

BrainQ team | 09/12/2021

NEWS UPDATE: Breakthrough Israeli stroke therapy technology BrainQ announces a $40M funding round

BrainQ announces a $40M funding round

BrainQ team | 16/8/2021

Empowering Innovation With Regulation: Interview with Giovanni Lauricella, “Mister MedTech”

Brain computer interface technologies and modern innovation

BrainQ team | 27/6/2021

The journey of stroke recovery in 2021

Stroke is one of the most devastating and most prominent causes of disability around the globe, with 800,000 new cases each year in the US alone.

BrainQ team | 25/4/2021

NEWS UPDATE: BrainQ announces encouraging study results for new therapy to reduce disability after stroke

The stroke disability study presented 77% of the treatment group recovered to a level of no symptoms or no significant disability on the modified Rankin Scale

BrainQ team | 11/3/2021

NEWS UPDATE: BrainQ gets FDA Breakthrough status for its device for reducing disability following stroke

The Breakthrough Device designation, which comes after new trial data, is expected to expedite the device's path to market. Read more about the news here

BrainQ team | 11/2/2021

SALT Talks: Pandemic venture investment series recap: Artificial intelligence—digital health’s secret weapon

SALT Talks: Pandemic venture investment series recap: Artificial intelligence—digital health’s secret weapon...one of the hottest topics in today’s healthcare landscape

BrainQ team | 14/12/2020

Unlocking the potential of collaborative neurotrauma research: Interview with BrainQ CSO and Co-founder, Prof. Esty Shohami

Unlocking the potential of neurotrauma research

BrainQ team | 10/12/2020

An open letter to the neuro-community: The need for a roundtable approach to manage neurodisorders during COVID-19

Covid-19 has accelerated the need for an integrative approach to treating neurodisorders

Yotam Drechsler | 16/9/2020

How COVID-19 transformed the landscape for growing MedTech startups: Interview with BrainQ CEO & Co-founder, Yotam Drechsler

Covid-19 has transformed the MedTech startup landscape

BrainQ team | 15/9/2020

The new normal stroke victims face during the COVID-19 pandemic

Challenges faced by stroke victims during Covid-19

BrainQ team | 14/9/2020